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Ocean East Publishing is a private publishing enterprise established in 1991 by Bill and Michelle Willis. Searchlight® Software is a division of Ocean East Publishing. Michelle serves as Ocean East Publishing's Director of Project Development and has been the creative force behind all of the Searchlight software programs.

Michelle has a Master of Education Degree in Adult/Community Education. She taught Middle School Health Education for 11 years, High School Life Management for 4 years, and was a Middle School Curriculum Coordinator for 3 years. She is the author of several books, including Reclaiming America's Children: Raising and Educating Morally Healthy Kids and Reclaiming Teenage Morality: Christian Ethics VS Modern Ethics.

She served as the Director of Religious Education for St. John of the Cross Parish in Vero Beach, Florida from 1992 to 2007. She holds a Professional Certificate in Catechesis from the Diocese of Palm Beach and serves as Director of the Searchlight Virtual School which provides web-based training for Catechist Certification and the online division of the Diocesan School of Christian Formation.


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