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The Searchlight Virtual School offers online Catechist Certification for parish Catechists, Catholic school teachers, those in lay ministry, and adults seeking online faith formation.

Searchlight Virtual School: Online Catechist Certification

"Getting Up To Today" is a foundational reflection and study of the Catholic Faith through the wisdom and vision of the Second Vatican Council. It provides the essential building blocks for further study and ongoing faith formation. It consists of six online foundational courses for Basic and Intermediate Catechist Certification. Those seeking more advanced certification should review the School of Christian Formation Online Division.

1. Basic Catechist Certification/Foundation Certificate for Teachers: Subscription Cost: $30.00

Complete the following courses:

•  Foundational Principles and Practices for Catechists

•  Foundations Course 1: Getting to Know Vatican II

•  Foundations Course 2: An Introduction to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

•  Foundations Course 3: Catechesis - Passing on the Faith: An Overview of the General Directory for Catechesis

2. Intermediate Catechist Certification/Level 1 Certificate for Teachers: Subscription Cost: $30.00

 Complete the following courses:

•  Foundations Course 4: Building A Culture of Life - The Church's Social Teachings

•  Foundations Course 5: Living Vatican II Today

School of Christian Formation ... Online

School of Christian Formation Online: Advanced Catechist Certification Online

This division is for catechists seeking Advanced Catechist Certification, Catholic School teachers seeking Level 2 or 3 Certification, and adults seeking faith formation or preparing for lay ecclesial ministry.

The online division of the School of Christian Formation provides ten interactive courses:

• Introduction to the Bible

• Christology

• Ecclesiology

• History of the Church

• Liturgy and Sacraments

• Vatican II

• Morality

• Social Doctrine,

• Spirituality

• Pastoral Ministry


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